Abitibi Grassroots - Oregon

The Oregon Prospect is located within the southern half of Barraute Township which falls onto the north central part of NTS Sheet 32C05. The 12 CDCs (Claim Désigné sur Cartes) that make up the property cover a total area of 555 hectares. The property lies within the Amos Barraute Belt of volcano sedimentary rocks that make up the geology of the northern part of the active Val-d’Or gold mining camp.

The property itself covers an elongated granodiorite intrusion that dips to the northeast and lies along a northwest southeast axis. The total area of the intrusion is less than three square kilometres.

The granodiorite part of the property hosts the historic Oregon Showing (Corps Minéralisé 32/C05-0011. MRNF SIGEOM).  This showing occurs within a fracture zone that hosts a series of parallel quartz stringers that contain pyrite. It has been traced out by previous exploration programs over a strike length of one hundred and twenty metres.                                                                                     

An assay result of 1.980 opt Au from a 3 foot long channel sample within the showing area was taken in 1985 (GM 42404). DDH 80-7, a 60.4 metre vertical hole that was drilled into the showing in 1980, encountered a 0.4 metre intersection of bleached rock that carried 0.10 opt Au (GM 36410). Of the only five other samples described in the log four of them are reported to carry trace gold.      

In 2010 and 2011 Golden Valley Mines Ltd. sampled the historic pit that established the Oregon Showing in 1935 (GM 66328). A sample of granodiorite blast rock containing quartz and trace pyrite carried 5.76 g/t Au. A grab sample from the adjacent granodiorite outcrop that contained rusty quartz with up to 4% pyrite returned an assay value of 20.4 g/t Au.   

Approximately 1.6 kilometres to the northwest of the Oregon Showing there are a series of historic trenches within the same granodiorite intrusion. Grab samples of fly rock taken in 1985 returned gold values of 2.15 opt Au and 0.423 opt Au (GM 42404).    

A sample of blast rock from one of these trenches was collected by Golden Valley Mines Ltd. in 2011. This grab sample of altered granodiorite with trace pyrite carried 2.64 g/t Au (GM 66328).

In 2014 a channel sample was cut into a quartz vein located approximately 75 metres west of the Oregon Showing. The 0.80 metre long channel sample carried 1.850 g/t Au. Other channel samples cut into the granodiorite surrounding the Oregon Showing were anomalous in gold with the highest assayed gold value being 6.19 g/t Au

Golden Valley Mines has granted an option to Val-d’Or Mining Corporation (formerly Nunavik Nickel Mines) to acquire a 100% interest in this property – see April 18, 2017 press release for further details.